Let me be your Fairy Dogmother

I know when I started out as a Dog Walker, I had no clue about compliance.  Are you the same?

Let me stop you from making the same mistakes as I did all those years ago.


How much can I earn?

Dogland can provide you with the tools to take control of your own destiny.  It is completely up to you how fast you want to achieve your goals.  Every franchisee will grow their business slightly differently but the numbers will depend on your drive to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Full training and support is provided to help you grow your business and we will share with you proven strategies and marketing tactics.


Our successful franchisees share the same core characteristics.

  • A great attitude and ambition.
  • Able to develop long term relationships with clients.
  • Friendly & enjoy meeting new people & their pets.
  • Passionate about the standard of care provide.

If this sounds like you & you’re willing to follow ALL of the advice shared, with commitment, then this franchise will work for you

What kind of Dog Business Owner are you?

Are you a Dog Walker?

Be unique...

Make your business unique

Are you a Dog Groomer

Be unique...

Make your business unique

Are you a Day Care Owner?

Be unique...

Make your business unique

Are you a Kennel Owner?

Be unique...

Make your business unique

Take a look at our multi-award winning Franchise…

I started working with Dawn, as I had a keen interest in working with dogs.  I really wasn’t sure where to go with my love for the industry, but she guided me.  Dawn helped me create a business, which suited my life style.

I looked at Rose Cottage and as much as I would love that, I knew that wasn’t for me, as I wanted a that but on a smaller scale.  Dawn showed me how I could make my dream into a profitable business venture.

She is always on hand for 1 to 1 training, but I do love the group sessions she puts on as well.  I am glad I joined her mentoring and bit the bullet to franchise.  Always grateful, thank you Dawn…

Rebecca Horton

My Passion is to help you Succeed…

Equipped & Accessible – Training

All our training courses are run at our well equipped and easily accessible beauty school located in Chesterfield. We provide everything you need to ensure you leave the course equipped with the knowledge & practical experience to start practicing your new discipline right away.

Help you Succeed – Practical & Theory

 In addition to the practical and theory you will learn on the course date we will provide you with access to high quality training materials online, to allow you to begin learning straightaway. Should you need any support later down the line we are only a phone call away.

Accredited – High Quality Training

You can be proud of your qualification knowing it will be respected within the industry. All our courses are accredited for insurance and CPD accredited signifying the excellence of our training standards and professionalism.


Take a look at the video…

Watch here to find out why I created Dog Land.  You can see a day in life of what we do and what you could do to.

I would love to chat to you more about Dog Land franchises and opportunities a franchise can create.

A business can be someone’s dream, but it can be daunting too.

Let me guide you through and make it easy for you.  Yes there is still commitment needed, but having a support in business is priceless.  Learn from my mistakes an learn some tricks of the trade too.

Why not organise a call with me today?

Love Dawn

If you are still not sure if Dogland is right for you, why not book a call or have a look at some reviews.

I believe in full transparancy, so if you want to know more just send a message…