The DogLand franchise business will offer you many of the key fundamentals that are the driving reasons why you are looking in the first place.

I genuinely want to do everything I can to support you and help your business succeed.   This is why I have created what I believe to be a truly unique opportunity.

Dog Land is a fantastic opportunity with a proven track record of successful franchisees and a huge demand for its services.

Everything available here has been carefully selected to ensure you have all the know how you need to grow a successful pet care business in a huge UK market.


Become a Franchisee

Becoming a franchisee is often the simplest and cheapest method of starting up in business. We provide everything you need to set up and operate your business. You follow a proven method & have continual support & training.

Flexible Opportunity

Being a DogLand franchisee gives you the opportunity to start earning money quickly and without any fuss. It is also flexible and can be done on a part time or full time basis or in a management style – you decide.

Who is it for?

This is a perfect opportunity for someone looking to work from home, have flexible working hours, who is looking to generate a great income with fantastic growth opportunities. If this sounds like you, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Join our Franchise

I, & my team are dedicated to the success of our franchisees.

Our franchise package ensures franchisees have every opportunity to succeed.

Dawn absolutely knows her stuff and wow she has helped me create a business I dreamed of.  She made me believe it was possible and helped me work on my mindset, before anything else. 

I didn’t get it at first.  But I do now and I am grateful I listened to her advise.  Thank you for helping me have a successful business and be on hand to help me.  I love the system you showed me for my dog business too, it makes life so much easier.

Billy Summers

The pet Industry is extremely fast paced and always growing…

Our franchise opportunity offers you:

MONEY – Huge demand, great earning potential.

WORKING FROM HOME – the flexibility is one of the main reasons why our franchisees choose this business.

FULFILMENT – Nothing beats running your own show, the sense of achievement you will get as your business grows is like no other.   The feeling of helping people care for their canines, seeing wagging tails takes job satisfaction to another level! Align your passion with work and it no longer feels like work!! 

SCALABILITY – part time, start small and build up, operate in a management style and scale up – you decide.


What is included in a DogLand Franchise?







What is necessary to run a franchise

Business Operations –

You are taught the key fundamentals of operating a successful DogLand franchise.

You receive comprehensive training on systems, processes and software.

Don’t worry if you need assistance because we are always on hand to assist you at any point in the future.  We have a dedicated team at our HQ on hand to help. 

How to attract clients –

We will teach you proven strategies to help you develop your client base we can even recommend you.

You will receive full offline marketing materials, you simply have to follow our guidance and implement, all templates made to suit your branding but under the overall DogLand brand. 

We have content calendars available to give you fresh ideas of what to post and who too! Marketing should be broken down to suit your ideal client avatar not just throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks!! 

Constant support –

You have access to our online support via email. We will give you everything you need to operate your business, including client forms, employment handbooks, adverts, health and safety documents, company logos, marketing material and much more.  All to say compliant and be the best doggy care provider in your area!

You will receive access to our constant ongoing monthly training including development sessions in all areas of business and support material to help you achieve success. 

Dawn will mentor you with every aspect of your pet care franchise.

You will be included in our private franchisees Facebook group where you can seek additional advice from other franchisees.

We want you to hit the ground running and lead the pack in your area.

Therefore we provide you with everything so that following your initial training you are able to go back to your area and immediately start operating your Dogland franchise.

You can do this!


Financial Rewards

You will receive a proven business model that has attracted hundreds of customers. This business can be operated from home and provides you with an opportunity to achieve a sense of achievement like no other.

Total Flexiblity

Operate your business part time or full time. Take control of your future as we share with you a business that has huge growth potential and has the potential to achieve amazing results.

Low Risk

With a initial investment you will be entering in to  a market with huge income potential, franchisees are able to recoup their investment very quickly. We can get you trading and doing the job you love easily, remember we know all the pitfalls of the industry.  We will guide you thru the mine field of compliance. With a monthly subscription you will never fear a council inspection again! 

Join our Franchise

Our franchise package ensure franchisees have every opportunity to succeed. If you want to operate a business in a multi billion pound industry and follow a proven business model, then get in touch today! We are not part of the pack we lead the pack in next generation canine care.